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It’s only in the absence of good signage does it become apparent that it is not there. Our wayfinding and signage systems help millions of people find their way every day in the UAE and worldwide. The importance of good signage systems should never be underestimated; it is vital that the end user can find their way around the development. It is a major touch point of your brand and can be a factor in the return of the end user.

Hyatt Capital Gate

Capital Gate, owned and developed by ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company), has been certified as the world’s farthest-leaning manmade tower by Guinness World Records. mr.h has recently completed the signage system in the development, reflecting the brands of both Hyatt and Capital Gate in the signage.

as the approved signage consultancy, mr.h design the main signage on the premise of the builidings 18º lean. the signage scheme also had to incorporate both brands, Hyatt and Capital Gate.


Mafraq Hotel - Abu Dhabi

Mafraq is a four-star independent hotel situated in the heart of the Mafraq, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. The property provides warm, minimalist indulgence with well thought-out finishings, facilities and food and beverages outlets

mr.h was appointed initially to aid with the signage of this project but it became apparent the F&B outlets needed the mr.h touch. Working with the investors and interior designers, the mr.h team created a clean, simple design to reflect the new nature of the hotel and its outlets.

ADNEC - Abu dhabi

ADNEC sets the stage for some of the UAE's most important and best-loved exhibitions and events. It is also responsible for a number of high profile development projects, not to mention its international business interests.

mr.h redesiged the entire signage and wayfinding system in the arena,

making sure that the visitors are directed every step of the way from the car park to exhibitions and back.

“I worked with Lee on the Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence (Dubai Properties) and the strategy for all signage at Al Ghurair City (Al Ghurair Group.) Lee understands signage and graphic design inside and out, taught us much in the process of delivering us great work. He never hesitated to work late or even weekends to meet ourdeadlines and took no shortcuts along the ways with fully detailed articulate presentations. Lee’s designs are cr eative, eye catching and effective; he is a great salesperson, presenter and is very easy to get along with. I have no hesitation in saying that Lee is the finest designer I have ever worked with.”


Shane Eldstrom

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